damienthefag writes: i have a Straight Man i serve regularly, and it has been great. But recently, He has been pressuring me to use drugs. i do not use drugs, not even poppers, and i do not want to become addicted to anything. i enjoy serving Men,, and do not need “enhancements.” i do a better job if i am clear headed and can focus on what i am doing.

Recently He told me that, if i do not submit, He can find another fag. He even told me i would not see Him again until i agreed, but then He keeps coming back.

What should i do? i want to be an obedient fag, but i also want to stay clean – i think i am of greater value to Straight Men if i am in good shape and able to serve.


fag, you are basically right. I am surprised to admit that you are right and  superior straight man is wrong, but you do get to decide where you draw the line.

He said he would stop using you, and didn’t. So clearly, he wants to keep using you. I deplore this kind of mixed message to fags. If a straight man says “do this or I won’t use you”, he should follow through. fags do not have the brain power to understand mixed messages. 

As long as you are ready for the consequences of disobeying a superior man, you should stick to your principles. The path to faggot destruction takes many forms. If drugs aren’t your thing, you can skip them.

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