shitbreath77 writes: The last four years I have accepted my life as a faggot. I knew I was an idiot when it took me five years to get an associates degree. All those real jocks in the classroom distracted me. And that’s how my life as a faggot began. I would hold doors for the real jocks and give up my seat for them. They mostly laughed at me.

It was about that time that I also started taking loads from real men. At first I asked if they used condoms, some did, some didn’t. I always knew a real man when he told me no condoms.

I seroconverted last month.

Now I offer my ass to real men daily, sometimes taking two or three anonymous loads. My question sir is am I putting real men’s lives at risk by not telling them I’m positive? Guys in atlanta don’t seem to care. If they ask I tell them, most don’t. Should I tell them anyway?


An interesting question, faggot. Most men recognize that faggots are diseased, so do they care if you’re HIV positive?

The answer is, some do, some don’t. Unlike faggots, straight men are human. They have different opinions and make different decisions. This is one way it is easy to tell the difference, because all faggots are the same: all they think about is cock.

The risk to those men is probably minimal, especially if you are getting treatment and are undetectable. So, because it is safer for the men you service, you need to take the meds that make you undetectable. There are studies that have shown that it is virtually impossible to get HIV from fucking an undetectable guy. You don’t do things that keep you healthy or safe – but you do things to protect the men who use you. Understand the difference?

Do you tell them? I think you are doing what is right. If they ask, you tell them. If you see an opportunity, you tell them. But I know that most straight men don’t take the time to ask – they just want to dump their cum in a faggot hole.

Here’s a question for you: what to you do if a man tells you HE is diseased? The answer is, of course, you do what he tells you. you are a faggot, and you exist to serve the men that need to be serviced. what happens to you, during or after, is irrelevant.

Be a good faggot, and keep taking loads!

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