fagjimmy writes: i am a faggot but i live in an area with not a lot of real Men around. i have locked my dick in a chastity cage, and it has been there for over a year. i have not cum in all that time.

But i struggle with it every day. i want to take off the cage, and knowing where the keys are is agony for me. So far i have managed to leave it in place, but as my intense horniness grows, i am afraid i will give in to temptation and unlock my dick so i can stroke it. 

Do you have advice for me on how to avoid releasing myself? i believe chastity is the right decision for all faggots.


Damn right it’s the right decision, faggot. A fag doesn’t deserve to get any pleasure from its dick, only pain and suffering. You didn’t mention it, but I hope your cage is significantly smaller than your hard dick – that is best for a fag like you.

You say there are no real men in your area – where do you live, the moon? There are definitely real men in your area, you just haven’t found them.

So go find them. Put an ad on Craigslist or other local sites. Go to local bars and write your phone number in the men’s room and say “blow jobs for real men from a willing faggot.” 

And read this site carefully. There are ideas here of how fags like yourself can serve ream men by opening doors, giving them money, buying them drinks, etc. Be respectful and worshipful, and I guarantee, men will figure out what you are. Sure, some of them may just beat the shit out of you, but enough of them will see how they can also use you sexually.

Once you find one who gets off on having his own private fag, give him the keys to your cage. Trust me: he’ll never give them back.

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