I have a fag I have been using, but it is a LOT of work. it loves bondage, and it loves being verbally abused. But the faggot won’t do a lot of what I want. it doesn’t like drinking piss, it only wants to get fucked with condoms, and it even descent want to swallow my cum. it likes to call itself my “slave” but how is it a slave if it has limits?



You’re right, a slave has no limits. So you have a problem here.

But then again: not really. it wants to be your slave, right? So make it your slave. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make it drink your piss. Don’t give it an option – make it happen. You say it loves bondage? Restrain it, good and tight, then shove a funnel in its mouth, and piss into the funnel. Don’t let it push the funnel out of its mouth, even if you have to shove it in deeply. Make the fucking faggot swallow every drop.
  • It wants to get fucked with condoms? Again, once it is restrained, how will it know? I suggest a gang bang of it, maybe three or four guys, all of whom don’t use condoms. Whore the bitch out. With my slave, I sometimes like to gag it, then ask it “do you want this guy to fuck you without a condom? If you want him to use a condom, say so.” When it mutters unintelligible gibberish, I tell the guy, 
    “Well, I guess it’s okay with you barebacking it.”
  • Gag the kind of gag that holds its mouth open, and then make ti take cum. A LOT of it. Get guys in the park to jerk off into a glass, and pour it down the faggot’s throat. Definitely make sure it takes your cum, every fucking time. Collect used condoms and feed them to it. 
  • Any time it tries to resist, punish it. Cane its faggot ass, or slap its face, whatever you like. Get in its face and tell it: “Faggot, refusal is not an option. You’re a faggot slave, you do what I tell you.”
  • Long electro sessions are a good training mechanism,. Tell it that its reluctance to do what you want is the reason you are torturing it. Then do it until it begs you to piss in its mouth, fuck it bareback, etc. And once it agrees, tell it: any hesitation at all, and you start the torture over from the beginning. High levels of electricity on its dick, balls, tits, should reduce the fag to a sobbing mass of protoplasm in no time. 

Make that fucking fag do what it was born to do! And make it reaffirm itself to you as your property. it needs to know, you take that pledge seriously.

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