thefgt asks: Do you believe in heaven, and if so do you think faggots would go to there when they die like normal humans would? Are they worthy of paradise despite their lowly nature, or would they just go to hell? What would hell for faggots even be like? Or are they just soulless animals with no chance at an afterlife?


I personally do not believe in an afterlife – but if I did, I think good faggots would go to hell, where they would be fucked constantly by brutal straight men who are being punished by not having women to fuck. For straight guys, hell would be being locked in a cell with 50 other straight guys, and one fag. The faggot would have to service every guy, every day, sucking their cocks, drinking their piss, eating their asses and getting fucked. The straight guys would be super horny all the time, their cocks always hard and throbbing, and no pussy for relief. The fag would have cum dripping out of its boi pussy 24/7. Hell for a man can be heaven for a faggot!

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