Reply To: What is your most humiliating coming out story? Abuse? Beaten? Insulted?

Parker faggot

I was 15 and my brother walked in on me while i was being fucked. The guy fucking me stopped and looked to see who had come in then proceeded to finish in me. I was begging him to stop, but to no avail. My brother never left. He watched me get fucked and after it was over walked out and closed the door. Did not say a word about it until a week later or so. He told me he was going to tell our parents what he had seen. I was in tears as i begged him not to. He said he would not tell them if i gave him a blow job. So I dutifully dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants and took my brothers uncut cock in my mouth. He did not last long, but he did become very aggressive by holding me down on him with his hands behind my head. He used that against me for 3 years until I went off to school. Making me service him whenever he wanted to get off. During those years he did not tell our parents, but did tell a lot of the neighborhood boys and the bullying I took was extreme. At first I refused to comply and was beaten and eventually had cum on my face or down my throat. I learned not to resist, to go ahead and accept my fate and serve their needs. That is when I became a faggot.

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