Reply To: Boot Camp: Module 3


I’m going to need to review Module3- Thanks fags!
Reading your conversation, some newbies here may think you “characters” *(if acutally real fags not invested In the site for $$$) are displaying high irony, one of a fags verbal cat claws. I don’t believe that is the case tho.
I stumbled upon this site and got into it as a sexual fantasy site and thought Some twisted SF fag has put this out (note the SF address right off the Castro) to draw from our “discretionary” income (fags have no discretion when it comes needing to services SACRED COCK). I was troubled by the hateful messages but was ripe to acknowledge my lifelong deep desire to worship, service and tribute Superior Straight White men (SSWM) as an erotic fantasy ONLY And in no way what my beliefs and politics and “real life” are about.That gave me permission to go deeper here and pursue REAL MEN for “fantasy” sex encounters. And I loved IT; going deeper voluntarily into degrading myself and seeking only to service and pleasure Him. It reawakened old painful feelings, but I felt alive and it felt real and true.;So this inferior cocksucking faggot gives thanks to this site and the generosity of many Superior Str8 and Bi Alphas and has discarded the fantasies—that I’m equal to a Str8 Man, that i can find this passion and meaning with another fag, that everyone should accept/be ok with my fem/gay attiutudes and behavior. And discovered my truth and reality which I Live today which has been incredible: That hieracrhies exist in the natural world and very few are on Top, but those who deviate from expected Roles and behaviors are harassed for that reason and are at the lowest rung if they haven’t been expelled. That such deviants are used by Alphas, including for sexual release; that in fact my earliest attractions were not to other fags, But to Str8 Alphas and has continued all along;That I want to and can offer real men sexual And non sexual services and gifts that makes me useful to them; that they have qualities I greatly admire which fags oftenlack, directness Being an obvious example,
They show amazing degrees of restraint and patience with us as I know what I think is funny is irritating strange or disgusting to them/.In general they wonder why we are so not like Men.Cuz were not. We are fags.One MASTER finally came clean AND TOLD ME HE CAN NO LONGER BE SEEN In PUBLIC WITH ME, my shame came up and it hurt and he knew it and I didn’t have a lot to do with him. But as I sat with it I could see His side—what he was risking, and I gained more respect for him and agreed with HIM and thanked him. He put me in my place and I degraded further for him with great pleasure and release.
I love my place as a cocksuicking inferior faggot who lives to worship, service and tribute SSWM. They are Everything: I am nothing. What they want matters: i don’t matter.I love and worship Master with full realization that will never be reciprocated—cuz they are straight—DUH! Lolol,

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