Reply To: Daily service to strangers


What a great idea fellow Maggot I mean Faggot.

This faggot has been offering straight alpha males services of many kinds….it offers to do their gardening, their DIY, their car washing… their shopping,,, their decorating,,, their domestic work. it wkill do anything it is commanded to do. Not had many takers yet but a few are interested and it has been used by a neighbour to do his gardening and his cleaning. one of them knows it likes to be a dog so he said you will find your drink it the kitchen on the floor,,. there was a dog bowl with water in it on the floor. As it lapped the water from the bowl it saw the Alpha man watching it from a doorway witha grin on his face.
it was very kind of him to give the slave faggot a drink wasn’t it.

Any masters doms alpha males wanting any service from this faggot should text 07795 194957

Slave 7

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