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Good point fag above lol. Repetition is one of the best instruments that our masters/re-educators use for mental restructuring and brainwashing elimination. Just repeating the same thing over and over it does set in and it’s a good reminder to do that on a daily basis as you begin to reconsider possibly your entire life.
It’s funny because I just noticed I posted something on here a while back. I don’t remember even writing it; I’ve made real progress! I’m well onto this yellow brick road to the str8 Oz baby.And Oz is not that funny little man behind the curtain pushing levers. That is what Hollywood wants you to believe it’s a Faglie. Oz is a fucking white God on the throne in all his glory with a huge dick. My destination always is between the large and muscular, moderately hairy legs and calves and feet of Real Man, below and between, worshiping, servicing and paying tribute. I often ask if I can start with a little ritual, some of which I might say in my inside voice to myself; sometimes I will share it with my God above me (that being the superior Street man that is generous with his time and is expecting to be serviced). So I’ll start with either a silent or quiet opening of the ritual, giving thanks and welcoming SaTan into this encounter,i’ll suck from the glass pipe a nice big ass cloud, and kneeling down, I make contact with the God- cock, and exhaling the cloud, I begin to suckle on Dickle. all I’m thinking about is pleasure; His pleasure. My mind goes blank and I am a pure cocksucker I have never a worry or a thought going through this silly little head of mine when I am kneeling and totally focused,going into a trance with the full intent of giving this God the most pleasure I could possibly give him, of wanting to do anything he tells me to do. of reinforcing in real time as I’m worshiping just God telling myself that I’m an inferior faggot, this is what I live for, this is what I need to do in life and I love it and I’m very grateful to Lord Satan to be worshiping what is the embodiment of pure masculine energy that overwhelms me but that I am addicted to because I don’t have enough of it inside. and to my Idol, the big white cock.
But I generally start at the feet, way below, not looking at him, but at his feet, not looking up but looking right to the carpet waiting for his direction. I might start with a foot worship and licking and kissing and then possibly massaging the calves & the legs of this God but I neverWould dare to presume what he wants me todo that. certainly never assume he wants me to suck his cock no matter how hungry I am because I would fully expect if I just jump on it started chowing down on it Id get a very strong and abrupt slap to the side of my head or worse. But if he allows me to, it is my full intention that he will know just by the energy I am offering by sucking, because it’s not like a bitch that I worship. Mostly, bitches don’t worship cock; not the way fags do. Because straight Gods have told me this. They note how good the bitch is at cocksucking but that there’s something about the energy of a faggot that makes it qualitatively different. And so, in further degrading myself to my king, intentionally putting myself down by sharing something intimate or just real, I’ll say, “Sir, that is because I’m worshiping it. That is because I worship You.” And he may say, “that is because you are one sick pathetic faggot go ahead now boy enjoy it no teeth!”

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