I have a perverted fetish for going into the men’s room in public places and searching for pubic hairs in the urinals. You would be amazed how many naturally fall off the body when you’re standing there taking a piss, and they land on the lip of, or directly into the urinal, as well as on the floor all around the base of the urinal. When I find one I pop it into my mouth. I like what a filthy action this is and it always makes me feel filthy. Feeling, being, and thinking of myself as filthy is the biggest turn-on of all. FYI – pubic hairs are very wiry and stiff. They do not melt in your mouth like a piece of chocolate. That’s why I like them because I can swirl them around in my mouth with my tongue until I get tired and spit them out. The only downside is that they can easily get caught between my teeth and they’re a bitch to get out! P.S., I can also find them on the toilet seat in a stall.

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