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For several years I served as a filthy human toilet fag for a straight man. I was not allowed to contact him, so I had to wait for him to contact me, which could be any time from the day after he just used me up to three weeks later. When he would call, no matter what time of day or night it was, he would give his fag slave a half hour to be at his house. He really got off taking me into the garage and pissing all over the cement floor, then ordering me to get on my knees and lick it all up while he used a riding crop on my ass. Sometimes when he was really high he would take me into the back yard where he had dug out a small area of dirt. He would order me to get on my knees and as he pissed into the dirt I was to suck it up before it was absorbed into the ground. It really turned him on that it was impossible for me to suck up his piss without also eating some piss-soaked dirt with it. When he was done humiliating his filthy fag pig (He had several humiliating names he called me) with his piss it was time to slide under his rim seat so that I literally became a human toilet for him to take a shit in, only instead of having to flush, his shit disappeared into my mouth. My very favorite time to be summoned to my straight Master’s house on New Years Eve each year. He would invite his best buddies over for drinks before they went to a party somewhere else. But first he would make me slide under his rim seat so he could shit in my mouth precisely on the stroke of midnight. He wanted his first act as a straight man in the new year to be renewing his ownership of a worthless shit-eating fag slave. Once he accomplished that he would invite his buddies to sit on the rim seat and take a turn shitting in his fag slave’s mouth. Watching me being used by other straight men as a fag toilet that first New Years Eve turned him on so much he began hosting a B/D party every quarter to which he invited a whole gang of straight buddies to abuse his worthless fag slave and use me as their filthy toilet for the whole night. Becoming a straight man’s fag slave was the best thing that ever happened to me!

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