I have been into scat for over thirty years and would like to offer an observation here. I don’t know of any toilet fag who can truly eat an entire load of shit. If someone tells you he can, he’s making it up. My friends, shit is not a delicacy. Even when I ate the shit of a man who made a point of eating a diet that supposedly created the best shit, it still was shit and shit is rank and foul-tasting. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Why else would I crave shit other than I love how filthy it makes me feel to consume another man’s bodily waste. I finally got to a point where I would be honest with a new feeder right up front. I would apologize profusely for not being a shit-eating sewer as expected, and to a man they understood. The reality is that a feeder gets his rocks off from the sheer act of dumping his load of shit in another man’s mouth and doesn’t really care whether the man eats it or not. Understanding this I always pleaded to be used as a complete shit dump and promised to eat what I could, but asked for a plate I could lay by my head onto which I could deposit what I couldn’t eat, to be flushed down the toilet at a later time. I was never refused this request. Then I would explain that there were ways I could consume as much shit as the one doing the shitting could feed me, such as fucking my ass with a dildo and every time he pulled it out making me suck it clean of shit, something that could be repeated over and over . . . or making me suck a turd like it was a cock, and as my saliva broke down the shit in my mouth it would easily slide down my throat and I could devour and entire turd that way . . . or instead of dumping his entire load all at once, to use as much control as possible and push out, say, an inch at a time, which I could bite off and break into small pieces in my mouth so it went down my gullet with delicious ease. As it turned out most feeders got a lot more pleasure from “using” me this way. Don’t beat yourself if trying to gobble down a whole load of shit as it’s being fed to you makes you gag and choke and turn blue. You can’t possibly enjoy yourself that way. Acknowledge your limitation, face reality, and make being a “shit eater” exciting and fun and filthy the way it’s supposed to be!

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