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Thank you, Sir Todd, for creating this particular Forum space to be whatever we want to make of it. A totally stupid faggot like me, with shit for brains, sometimes has difficulty understanding some of the threads in the Forum. Thankfully, I don’t have to understand anything to write here.

The other day I read an entire thread that was devoted to everyone’s eagerness to increase the number of faggots who are members. This certainly makes sense, since everything here is essentially targeted to faggots. Nevertheless, I think there is a more pressing issue that should be addressed. How do we get more . . . actually, any . . . Straight White Males to become members?

When I joined I did so hoping to find herds of Straight White Masters running loosely all over the place because they knew this was pretty much the “Supreme Website” on the Internet to go trolling for potential fag slaves. Since I joined, however, the number of people I’ve met here have been: FAGGOTS 10; STRAIGHT WHITE MEN 0.

I haven’t whined before now because I have been so elated this website even exists as a protected place for those of us who the straight white world hates to congregate in safety. Each time I log in I feel like I’m checking into summer camp where I’ll make a lot of new friends and be completely surrounded by a staff of supporters who genuinely care about my welfare and are here to protect me as well as make sure I learn something and have fun doing it.

The only reason I’m flapping my jaw now is because I want to announce that I still have “Faggot Destruction” right here to always remind me of my precarious position in life, and I just joined BDSM Nation where I have discovered the Motherlode of Straight White Masters on the prowl to pick up a filthy white faggot or two to own. I have only been a member for two days and I have already sent out five . . . count them, FIVE . . . solicitation messages to very viable Masters. PLUS, I have received one from a Master who hit me up! Thank you, God, the world makes sense again.

I don’t want to get too worked up or overly zealous, because I know from experience that I may very well never hear back from any of them. That’s okay because at least I now know they’re out there. My father and Uncles went on a hunting trip for one week each year, and not once did they ever come back with anything that resembled meat to eat. Yet they knew the deer were out there because they’d seen picture of them, so they faithfully kept going back year after year after year.

Please wish me good hunting, and I’ll check back with you in a month or two to let you know if I’ve bagged my limit or not.

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