Reply To: New fag


May I offer an observation? You titled your post “New Fag”. There is no such thing as a new fag except for the day each of us was born. I became a new faggot on this earth October 31, 1946. Albeit, I didn’t recognize my true nature until 25 years later, and I didn’t accept it until another 45 years after that! What you are is a fag who has finally figured out how to open the damn closet door. It sounds like such a simple thing to do, and yet is one of the most difficult things for stupid fags like us to figure out. I would like to say welcome to the light, but with the light you are exposed to hate. At least in the darkness of the closet hate didn’t exist. Only ignorance of who you truly are. I don’t know which I fear more, hate or ignorance?

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