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I have learned to use the liquor store as my go-to for serving Straight White Men. (make sure you get cash from the ATM first) It is the easiest thing a faggot can do. Go to the liquor store and start going up and down the aisles looking at bottles like you are shopping. Look around to see if there are any Straight Men shopping for booze. Watch carefully because you will want to make sure you are outside when He gets out there. I will usually buy something, then go outside and hang. When he is about to leave, casually walk over and startup a conversation. The first time I did this a couple years back, the Man had a pretty full cart of beer, booze, wine, etc. I said the following: “excuse me, Sir. I saw that yo had a pretty big haul of stuff there. How much did all of it cost?” He immediately answered saying it was $221 and change. I already had a bunch of $20 bills in my hand, so I opened my hand and counted out $220 and handed it to Him. He had a puzzled look on His face, but I wasn’t done. I counted out 4 more $20 bills, gave it to him, then told him that since I didn’t have exact change to give Him $221, I was rounding to the next $100 for all His trouble. I then said these words exactly: “Sir, the reason for this transaction is because I am and inferior faggot, and I was born to serve Straight White Men and ensure that I do whatever I can to make their lives better. You are a True Alpha Man at the very top of the hierarchy and You deserve everything. Please make sure to use me to purchase your booze if you happen to see me here.” I then thanked Him for allowing me to purchase His booze, and just walked away to my car. That first time was hard, but it got easier the more I do it. I do have one Straight White Man who is a real asshole. He texts me when He is heading to the liquor store, and I have to make sure I get there in time to pay for His stuff. Sometimes He will spit a thick loogie on my face or in my mouth.

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