Reply To: Straight Men: Find a local faggot to use


Wisconsin faggot here. Looking to find an Alpha straight man and his friends to use me. I’m not a cash fag, nor do I plan on being one. I’m willing to be used by Aplhas looking to start using fags. I’m will not do scat, water sports, or heavy cock and ball torture. I’m just starting to realize myself that I have one useful purpose, and that is to let straight men use my holes for their pleasure. I already know that a faggot should not get any pleasure while being used and should not ejaculated in front of a superior man, unless the straight man is doing it to humiliate the faggot. So if your just getting into using faggots email me ot txt me, I’m in the madison, WI area. Come use my faggot holes sirs.

Email: [email protected]
Text message only: 608-556-4420
Location: Madison,WI

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