Reply To: Human Toilet


Thank you for taking the time to reply to this useless faggot, Sir. I am ashamed at how I have failed to be of use to the Straight Men around me. I need to do better.

Today at work, when I went to the bathroom at lunch, I found that the Man before me had forgotten to flush. I was going to flush it away, but I stopped. I knelt down, pulled a turd out of the bowl, and ate it. It was heaven! I would have eaten all of the Manshit in the toilet, but one of my co-workers came in and nearly caught me. I don’t know if he saw me kneeling. He was giving me funny looks all afternoon. I had to chew gum all day to try to cover the shit on my breath, and I could still taste it in my mouth when I got home.

I hope more Men leave turds for me! I may not need to bring lunch to work, if I can eat enough Manshit.

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