Reply To: making amends

Sir Todd

There is no such thing as a poor start. The key is follow through. You need to continue to fuck yourself up in the head. The key is to become a mental basket case over straight cock. You must find a way to accept that you will be ruled by it and nothing else.

If you have any positive thoughts about yourself or feel inclined to stop training, start up a training module, get your poppers out (and any other drugs of choice that will royally fuck you up) and start getting fucked up badly. Each time you do, push yourself to do more poppers and drugs until you realize that this punishment is actually a reward. You’ll quickly be reminded why this is your destiny.

We like to see you stupid faggots fucking up your head and the mental, physical and spiritual destruction of your soul is fucking hot! Clearly, you are a stupid faggot and will do well to stick around and train hard. You might want to find a faggot buddy and you guys can throw insults back and forth and remind one another why you are so fucking lame and worthless. Now back to training you fucking idiot.

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