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i look at these words and they are almost holy to me. how lucky i am to repeat the words and phrases i have learned on this website, and how i worship the MEN who created it! my MASTER has said that i am such a lowly faggot piece of shit, i am no longer allowed to sleep in the house, and i sleep out in the bushes, in an area HE refers to as “the sty” all faggots should be so lucky! i am allowed in to serve HIM, and to shower, though i am no longer allowed to use any hot water, so my showers are ice cold and painful – which again is appropriate for a faggot slave like me. my MASTER continually finds new Men to use and abuse me, and has me look for straight Men to serve. HE knows that i will soon lose my job, as my behavior there has gotten erratic and the straight Men in my office know what i am and take full advantage of it. the other day, i came to work to find a “Men’s Room” sign mounted on my desk. Of course, i left it there, because i am a public urinal. i hate myself because i am sick twisted and perverted, and i am lucky to get the Cum, Piss and Shit of REAL MEN. Thank YOU again SIR, for leading me on the path to my ultimate fate.

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