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I’m like most sissy faggots in that I feel more comfortable knowing and accepting who I really am and that I was born to be submissive to real Men. I started off as a foot licker for girls early in life but as I got to my teens no girl wants a boyfriend who wants to lick her toes and feet and was soon as a foot freak. I realized my desire for licking girls feet and being submissive was slowly leading me down the path to sucking cock for Men and wanting to be used like a slave and to be submissive to him. The reality is I no longer have to pretend to be str8 and a real Man cause I certainly am not. I’ve accepted this to myself. I would not come out…for now. Though my girlfriend now has a real Man for a lover and she has bought my first make up set and a bag to keep it all in. We don’t want to split up. I just want her to feel sexual release I know she enjoys and I need to be a sissy faggot submissive. I’ll keep everyone up to date as to how things go along.

Kellie Xx

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