Reply To: Bringing more faggots to this website


I have been successful twice by just talking about the site with cash fags on other cash fag sites. JockGod knows of this site and approves of the fag destruction, but He is very selfish and doesn’t want any fag cash coming here. Fair enough, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try and tell His stable how much better off they (and therefore He) is by paying to train to destroy themselves.

Likewise, on the great ownedfags website, which is much more of a community, I have had the pleasure of talking about faggot destruction with some of the SScum there.

Otherwise, our dear stupidfaggotcunt’s website has led one to a paying membership here too through my discussion of fag inferiority.

I recommend being a preacher of the fag truth you have found here, but do keep the discussion focused on Cock, Submission, and TRUE IRREVERSIBLE TRAINING TO BE AN EGOLESS OBJECT. That’s the Truth of this site, and the Truth will draw faggots in like moths to the flame.

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