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my brother and my MASTER both have access to my bank account SIR. i do not have access to it – my pay checks are automatically deposited, and i have no way to get to the money SIR. i do pay our God here, but the only money i have access to is some of the money i earn when my MASTER whores me out SIR. as i am not young, there are not a huge number of Men willing to pay to use me, but some, who want to do sick and twisted shit, are willing to pay SIR. so that money goes to HIM SIR.

i do not ever get to wear undershirts or underwear, as my MASTER believes that a faggot slave like me should wear less clothing than a real Man SIR. but my MASTER sometimes uses a marker to write “whore” or “fuckhole” on my ass, and then has me show that to strangers SIR. i have stood at a urinal, with my pants unbuckled, then “accidentally” dropped my pants, and bent over to pick them up, while the Men in the room can see my ass SIR. it has worked well SIR. additionally, i have the brand of my MASTER on my right ass cheek, and my slave number tattoo over my dick (where a real Man would have pubes) SIR.

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