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my MASTER loves to talk to me about what a fucking worthless piece of shit i am, and how my only value is as a fuckhole and urinal/toilet for HIM and HIS buddies. HE sometimes actually touches my dick – not because HE gets pleasure out of that, but because HE can gently touch it through the cage, knowing i will get rock hard and be in agony. my cock cage is made for a dick that is smaller than my dick, and i cannot get fully hard, and have not been able to cum, for a long time. the level of HIS intensity about this has only increased since i joined this exalted website and showed HIM some of the teachings here. i am so grateful to the real Superior Straight MEN who are teaching lowly faggots what we are. Thank YOU SIRS! my life is so much harder since i joined this site – which is exactly what i needed!

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