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this afternoon, one of the SuperiorStraight MEn i work with suggested that a group of us “go out for drinks” i was a little suspicious, but, because of a fuck up earlier in the day, i thought that maybe i should go and let Them do whatever They wanted as a way of punishing me.

the Men who wanted to go out said that i should get a ride with Dave, who works with me. so Dave and i went down to the garage. when we got there, He said, “Wait, come in the pump room for a minute”, and i went with Him to the pump room (a storage room with some pumping equipment). once He opened the door and i went inside, He closed the door behind us and said “get in there faggot”. there is a short hallway that leads to a larger room, and there were 4 other Men there, all co workers. They were waiting, and holding an empty beer pitcher. One said “ah, the guest of honor” and they all laughed. Then another said, “we invited you out for drinks, faggot, but also we want you to suck our cocks. Then you’ll get to drink a lot” One of the Men pulled out His Cock and Pissed into the pitcher, then grabbed me by the hair and forced me to my knees. “suck my cock faggot” He said, and shoved HIs Cock in my mouth. i sucked His Cock, and as i did so, i heard other Men using the pitcher to relieve Themselves.

i sucked all 5 Men off, and then fell back, Cum on my face and shirt. the Men were looking at me with contempt, and one said, “it’s time for our guest of honor to have the drink we promised it!” they all laughed, and a couple added more Piss to the pitcher, which was now pretty full. i took the pitcher when it was handed to me, and raised it to my lips and started drinking. They all laughed and started saying “chug-a-lug! chug-a-lug!”. i drank every drop.

then one of the Men said, “Anyone else have more for it?” and several of Them began Pissing again, this time aiming at my face. although i had my mouth open, i could not catch all the Piss, and ended up soaked in Straight Men Piss. Then They told me to get down on my hands and knees and lap up the Piss that had spilled on the cold concrete floor, which i did. finally, They pulled me to my feet and shoved me out the door, saying “have a nice night” and “enjoy your walk home, you stinking piss soaked faggot”. i walked home, and my MASTER met me at the door with a belt in hand – HE already knew, and took me downstairs, stripped me and then beat me.

i am a lucky faggot.

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