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This evening i was out doing some work in front of the house, cleaning up the house my MASTER owns. a Superior Striaght Man came walking down the sidewalk, and He was like a God to me – i could not take my eyes ff Him. He noticed and said, “what the fuck do you want faggot?” i thought He might punch me out if i answered, but i know that would be okay, so i said, “i want to do anything You order SIR” He looked at me and said, “Like what?” i said, “i would like to drink Your Piss SIR.” He laughed and said, “what’s it worth to you?” I did not have much cash, but i said “$20 SIR” He said, “Let me get this straight: I piss in your mouth, and you’ll pay me twenty bucks?” i said “yes SIR” and He said, “Let’s go”

i went into the bushes on the side of the house, and He followed me, and pulled His huge Straight Cock out. i was on my knees by that time, and opened my mouth, and He fed me a huge load of His hot Piss. When He finished, He slapped my face with His Cock, and said, “where’s my money?” i gave Him $20, and He said, “Fuck, I’ll do this any time you want!” i said “no, any time You want SIR”. He laughed and said, “Maybe next time I’ll let you blow me for fifty bucks!” and i said “any time SIR!” He zipped up and said, “see you soon faggot” and walked out.

i do not really know what is happening – i mean, i am not a young stud by any means, but more and more Straight Men are quickly figuring out what i am, and taking advantage of me. i am a lucky faggot!

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