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i have been locked in chastity for the past couple months. my MASTER has used chastity on me for several years, but it is only recently that HE announced that i will never be allowed out, and never be allowed to jerk off, ever again.

it is interesting how the mind of a faggot slave like me gets molded and changed. i was branded by my MASTER, then had my slave number tattoo added to my body. both of those incidents took me deeper into my servitude.

but being in chastity has been making me sink deeper and deeper. i do not believe i have cum once in 2015, and i do not believe i will be allowed to – or possibly ever again. i have noticed that i have some kind of weird semi-orgasm when i am fucked deep and hard by Straight Men. but it is a faggot orgasm, not the orgasm of a Man.

i sometimes wish my MASTER had chosen to castrate me, which would be easier on me, as it would eliminate all desire. but i know that is not what HE wants – HE likes me being horny and hungry 24/7. so i accept my fate, deal with the pain as my faggot dick tries to break the bars of its cage. i often awaken at night, my dick screaming in pain, wishing for relief. but i am a faggot, and i accept that Straight Men have a different destiny in mind for me.

i look forward to what i know will come.

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