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Today i was walking on the street, and became aware of someone walking close behind me, talking on His hone. He said, “yea, that slave is right in front of me” and “yeah, I’m gonna use it, want to join me?” He talked quietly for a minute, and then, as we got to the next corner, i heard Him say “it’s going to turn left at the next corner” so i did. Then at the next corner, i heard Him again say “turn left” and i did. we walked a couple blocks silently, but i could hear His footsteps behind me. Eventually, we got to a building, and He said “go up these stairs”, and as i reached the top, the door opened. i entered and was grabbed from behind, and taken down the hall to an apartment.

Once inside a filthy apartment, i was forced to suck the Cocks of two Men, and eventually took Their Cum, one in my mouth, one in my ass. Afterwards, I was told to drink Their Piss, which i did. i did not spill a drop so They both made sure to pull out of my mouth and Piss into my face.

Then They ordered me to give Them my wallet, and took my money. i only had about 60 bucks, so They started whipping me with Their belts. They also made me open my phone and show Them my phone number, which They both put into Their phones. Eventually, They threw me out, stinking of Piss and Cum. As They shoved me out the door, one said, “you belong to us now, bitch.”

tonight, one of Them texted me and said “thanks for being such a cunt”, and i immediately responded “yes SIR, let me know when YOU want me to come over and serve YOU again, and clean YOUR apartment” The Man who wrote me said “cool” and sent me a “hard cock” emoticon
<====B i am impressed at the creative ways Straight Men create to use faggots. i am lucky to get to serve Them.

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