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tonight at the gloryhole, 4 Straight Men came by and watched a straight porno video while i serviced Them. They were all pretty turned on, and somewhat drunk, and after taking care of each of Them, the first Man was ready to go again, so we started over. after swallowing 8 loads of Straight Man Cum, They lined up to use me as a urinal and i drank every drop of Their Piss. So now i have 8 loads of Straight Cum in my faggot gut plus 4 loads of Straight Piss.

and all i can think is that i want more. i am a disgusting pig, and it just shows that Straight Men use us the way we were intended to be used. i am thankful to every Straight Man who knows how to use a faggot. They all deserve to be worshiped, and i for one will be worshiping Straight Men for the rest of my faggot existence.

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