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the Superior Straight Men i serve at work have gotten more and more into having a faggot slave to use. i used to worry that i was going to get fired, but now, even my boss has gotten into it, and i have serviced Him, with other Men around, on several occasions. Today, one of the Men came to me and told me there was a problem in the Men’s bathroom, and i should go clean it up (cleaning bathrooms is not one of my job duties, but i guess it is now). i went in, and saw that all the Men i work with had Pissed all over the walls and floor around the urinal. i immediately got on my hands and knees and licked up every drop, cleaning the tile walls and floor with my tongue.

At the end of the day, one of the Men kept me after work to fuck me on the floor of His office. While He was fucking me, one of the Janitors came in and saw us there, and was quite shocked. The Man said, “You want a piece of this?” Within a few minutes, He had the Janitor take His Cock out, and i sucked Him while the Man continued fucking me. After the Janitor shot His load, the Man had me pay Him $20 for letting me take His Cum, and He told the Janitor “any time you or the rest of the crew want to earn a little cash, all you gotta do is breed or feed this faggot”

the Men i work with continue to take my food and money, and give me nothing for lunch but CUm and Piss. i am no longer allowed to use the office furniture, and i work kneeling at my desk – the Men say it is a better position for me so i am always accessible to Them.

i am such a lucky faggot.

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