Reply To: Daily list of self-hate


new here, and started last day with boot camp, always on meth and repeat them many times.

Would like to start the self-hate list as part of progress and to think about it more intense.

I hate myself because I am a disgusting freak thing called gay
I hate myself because I am so weak and loser
I hate myself not seeing what I really am when older straight brother (family with childs) offered sex a few years ago
I hate myself for felt offended when he does it
I hate myself for the lie – the big lie I lived
I hate myself for copying a real man’s body move or attitude to try to build own.
I hate myself for the shame I brought over family
I hate myself for staring in white straight men’s eyes on street
I hate myself for always say/write as ‘I’ or ‘me’ instead ‘it’
I hate myself for beeing so shy
I hate myself for looking masculine but feeling scared
I hate myself for not perm lock the pathetic dick away or seriously looking for castration
I hate myself for not beeing strong enough to finally rid off all sox and only wear boots without sox
I hate myself for beeing an arrogant asshole some times

Thank you

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