Reply To: if only it had never come out


hello fag brother. just want say, feel same like you. I deeply regret what I have done many years ago, when I had my coming out. That was another big failure I really ashamed on now. That was selfish and dumb. Now I understand, that I have lived a big mistake so many years. To be gay is so unnatural, disgusting, and totally sick to think it would right to be in love with a man. I feel now which big shit I have done. I brought shame over my family. It was reckless and irresponsible how to play with the standing in society of my straight brothers and their families. And the pain it must for my mother, and how ashamed she has been after that sick acting of me, when she met people of her town. I understand and feel what a ugly perverted sick faggot I am. No one of my family has deserved that, to get in connection with such a lowlife I am. I damaged many people’s life in past with simple to be gay, I can never make amends. But I feel now that gays should not have special rights – on the contrary they should have less rights in society. Just to not harm other right people with their existence.

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