Reply To: What additions/changes would you like to see?



Thank YOU Sir for allowing we pathetic faggots to share ideas, Sir.

This sissy bitch is new to the site, but a few thoughts to offer would be:

1. Perhaps a way for faggots to post photos and videos of themselves, Sir? Not sure if it should be moderated or not. i know in my own case seeing myself and other fags exposed is a motivator to stay involved on a site.

2. Perhaps a monthly Contest for the faggots to all do the same task or series of tasks and then submit to Sir their proof. The 3 winners would all get to do something even MORE depraved as their reward!

3. An intensificaton/expansion of the “Faggot Fuckover Live” feature. That makes this fag crazy horny, and seeing more features like that would be amazing and a great draw. Perhaps even a live chat or video chat with the “fuckover faggot of the month” so the fags can urge their sister to surrender even more information, go even further into certain ruination.

Thank YOU for allowing this bitch to submit these ideas, Sir.


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