Reply To: My first experience, 24hrs after my first training module.


Update: The next day, A fed-ex driver, with wedding band, caught my attention. I soon followed him into a hallway where with out much said he unzipped his shorts. Next thing I knew I was on my knees sucking him off. He ordered me to slow down, even though I was worried about getting caught, and was only on a short break before I had to get back to the yard for the end of the work day.

I tried to apologize for choking as he pushed hard and deep, he just grabbed my head, and held it there and said I was doing a ‘fine faggot job’.

Soon he shot hard, not a lot of cum, but glad to take what he had.
(wish I could do more for him)
So yes the training modules do seem to work. now working on some of the other training too.

I promise to REGISTER as a Faggot, the first time a real man orders me to.

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