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i seriously fucked up today. Chastity locked at work, i cleaned my cunt and headed to a local video store for lunch (no food, focus was on Cock and cum). There are only 2 booths, so i had to wait. After about 15 minutes, a muscular white GOD emerged from one of the booths. The chair was right at the back of the booth, straight porn was still playing and HE looked at me with contempt as HE walked out so i knew it was a real MAN.
i knew that this was my chance to complete MASTER TG’s task and i was blessed to see that there was lots of cum on the floor in front of the chair. i folded the chair, stripped and got down to lick it up. It was still warm! But here is where i fucked up. i was so keen to taste HIS cum, i forgot to take pictures…
It doesn’t end there though.
i slid open the little door between the booths, and a MASSIVE white cock came through. i sucked it until it was hard and then got up to take it in my cunt. my cunt was clean and lubed, but too tight. Just as it was starting to hurt, stretching me open, HE came. Had i loosened it up a little, HE could have rammed it all the way in which would have been much better for HIM and would have hurt me much more.
Next time, i will make sure my cunt is loose enough to let a MAN’s Cock in but stil tight enough for it to hurt.
i hereby apologize for being so stupid and not pleasing a MAN as i should hsve

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