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Queer Victim

I have advertised my self on Craigslist list. To responders I have a reply advising I would meet anywhere anyone including sadists. Rough rent boys. Muggers. Gay badgers. I have indicated that in exchange for their stories on the violent abuse of others I would give all my address and contact details and am very turned by being filmed with a view to blackmail. I made it clear that it was okay to use unlimited violence to ensure my compliance. Also I have given out my real name. Had three replays. One 24 rent boy. Convicted armed rober and a past professional fighter. I made it clear that race hating homophobic thugs were most admired by me. So far I have made arrangements to met the fighter. He now has photos of me and my real contact details. Other then usual I will rape and beat you the deal is to turn up at Garage he owns. Strip. Walk through to the office and kneel and then be handcuffed. No real idea who he is and no one knows about our meeting. He also mentioned fisting and pissing up my faggot cunt. Will write more when I get back after my submission to a Violent straight homophobic warrior

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