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I sincerely apologize to all straight men and boys, without excuse, for breathing; not knowing what you want without your having to tell me all the time; not carrying with me, at all times, ruphies, restraints, a gag, a selection of lubes, a variety of pleasurable drugs; making eye contact with you; not having a straight man’s or boy’s dick in both of ‘my’ holes right now and always; for eating and soiling ‘my’ fagcunt; for working or doing anything that doesn’t directly and entirely benefit you; for having a gag reflex and teeth; for not having accepted as true for so many years what straight boys and men, especially my father, have been telling me since I was old enough to spread my legs, that I’m just a faggot and exist for the sole benefit of straight men and boys and at their whim; for attending school and taking other kinds of resources that are for straight men and boys; for not having more pussies for you to choose from or for more of you to use me at the same time; for ever having thought of ‘my’ nub as some kind of dick and not having already removed it (and replacing it with a pussy); for having been choosey about which of you I would inform that ‘my’ faggot holes were available for your use and abuse; for ever having resisted satisfying your dogs’ sexual desires and fluffing your bitches to make sure they’re immediately ready for your use, as if they are beneath me; for taking pride in my ever having been able to please you, as if any of the credit is mine; for ever having deigned to attempt to charge money for you to use me; for experiencing pain sometimes when you use me (except for those times when you enjoy my pain, and my gagging too for that matter, when I’m throwing ‘my’ throat at your cock); for wearing clothes, making it more difficult for you to inspect and access the parts of ‘my’ body that you might want to use; for ever having assumed I was only for your sexual use when I can serve other purposes as well (like being a doorstop, a lawn faggot, a doormat, a toilet, or a punching bag); for not more actively hunting feral faggots and preparing them for your use, especially as my expiration date approaches; for anything I’ve done that might have given you pause about hurting me or perhaps questioning your right to modify ‘my’ body in whatever way you might prefer, or to kill and dispose of it when I’ve outlived my usefulness; for anything that impinges on your pleasure and comfort. I will spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you; please tell me of anything in particular that I should do to right this wrong that is me, a simple pair of holes on legs. Thank you for every advantage you have taken of me and every forbearance you have generously tolerated. – Humbly, Ever Yours

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