Reply To: Are gay men the same as faggots?


I think, gays and faggots are the same Thing. Okay, before I found this Website, I had a different opinion. But now, after study (and I’ve read every written word (esp. from god) like a dusk sucker)) it is easy and clear. Gays are something that should not happen. Something went wrong in the past, and for long time, I was a part of this wrong thinking and bad behaviour community. Now I know, I am a faggot, worthless, disgusting, a shame at all. And in a better world, Society would: 1. register them all. 2. Forbitten all homosexuality behaviours between these perverts. 3. take all civil rights of them. and call them official faggots. Gays are nothing, but closed faggots.

I can not anymore seriously accept a gay Master. He is gay, and so the Master must be fake. He is nothing as a faggot.

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