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chase, the fag

Are there any alpha men in Central Florida looking? I am kinda in between Orlando and Tampa. Close to Clermont and Lakeland, too. I’m always available on the weekends, Fri, Sat & Sun. I will bring my worthless faggot ass to you to serve any of: daddy/son, master/slave, alpha/dom, facechair/facesit on me, smother me, fart/foot sniffer, armpit/jock sniffer, facefuck suffocation, breath control, being degraded, verbal insults, humiliating situations, tiny dick shame me, chastity lock, total piss bottom, physical contact, dead-weight, body smashing, choke holds, thigh squeezing, rape scene.
pls, contact me:
Xtube: Chase-allmen
@cummingattrax twitter
cho_cha_chi kik

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