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Sir Todd

Latitineus: thank you so much for your well thought out reply to Mike600043. It fails to understand that this site is not about him, but rather for him to become a better faggot. There are far too many faggots out there that want, want, want. I could care less what you want, because I know what you need. Simply follow the trainings as instructed, keep your faggot eyes on the prize, and shut the fuck up. If you do so, you’ll be fine. If you truly want to find salvation, you will listen to me and do as told. Straight men will not be used for your sexual pleasure. It’s simply not in the cards. For those of you who are doing well and following the trainings as instructed, I have great news. New trainings will published next month. We are working on them as I write this. They will be focused on servicing the almighty straight white cock.

Cocksucker excited to get to work

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