Reply To: Are gay men the same as faggots?

Sir Todd

I stand somewhere on the “gay men are faggots in the closet” on this issue because of personal experience. I have met “gay” men that insist they are not faggots yet they end up begging to swing on my cock or get their face fucked in within minutes. They will say it’s only a sexual thing and they only feel like a faggot when they are in a sexual mood, but during that time they seem awfully committed to being a dirty faggot. Yet afterward, if I contact them, they are back in a heartbeat, on their slutty knees, sucking cock. They will admit to everything under that spell, but their story often changes when the dick is not in their mouth. Personally I believe that sex is a huge part of life and that during sex we often reveal our most true selves. I respect anyone in what they believe they are, but my personal belief is that faggots are more evolved versions of gay men. They have accepted the truth and revel in it. I’ve converted a few “gay rights activists” and I can tell you that they are the most devoted stupid faggots on earth now. They wouldn’t dream of attending a pride parade and are deeply ashamed for doing so in the past.

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