Reply To: What is your most humiliating coming out story? Abuse? Beaten? Insulted?


I came out as gay after high school. My family were all accepting. Recently, upon finding this site and the wisdom here, I had a second “coming out.” I told my boyfriend and friends I was a faggot. They all kinda laughed and thought I was just being funny. I’ve had other conversations with them and about the site. My boyfriend left me, which is fine. I couldn’t get turned on by him after going through the modules here. I’d get hard and lose it very quickly with him. One of my closest friends told me I was “mentally unstable” after I showed him the site and Tumblr. Guess who is now routinely checking the Tumblr page “just to get off?” Haha. Same friend. He is starting to recognize his true self. Anyway, now whenever someone asks if I’m gay I say “No! I’m a faggot” and I’ve had several reactions from laughter to concern to disgust. A straight man I recently met (dating a female friend of mine) laughed at me when I told him. His friends know now too. They’ve all laughed at me, told me I’m disgusting, and made threats to me.

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