Reply To: Fags practicing punishments

eric olmstead

sir should have a roman coloseum where he can spot faggots in middle strapped hands up high backs against salt pillars naked and use bull whip to lash at his faggots taking chunks of flesh and blood and sweat to activate salt pillars for aginizing pain to faggots. 10-20 faggots,alphas in stands celbrating faggots screams for their pleasure, then when whipping stops, continue with beatings from crowds laughter watching faggots agonizing some choking from ropes burning shredding neck, some wth slow throat slit, all with castrations bags cut off at bottom and ripp balls out. then clear arena and let lions and tigers out for their feeding, faggots still strapped high only half as many lions and tigers so faggots can witness death before their own. this will please Sir and Alphas into ecstasy faggots deserve this

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