Reply To: Fags practicing punishments

eric olmstead

i think when Alpha males should do with a faggot after they’ve fucked everything out of it is do what the farmers do to the hens when they dont produce eggs anymore is take your faggot behind the wood shed where they have a large piece of wood on ground, make sure your faggots hands tied behind them, then place faggots head on top of block. You with a double edged axe, make sure its good and dull andraise above your head, make sure faggot is watching as you swing down on its neck with the axe. Faggot gets a last thought before end and his head is gushing blood and finally stops making thrashing movements. Leave it out dogs cats animals in the woods have to eat too, better than that faggot did. This is what we faggots deserve and makes you happy. sincerely lowlife faggot. By the way this faggot thanks you before getting the axe.

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