Reply To: Thank You Sir.

eric olmstead

SIR i sincerely want to thank you for this cite if it hadnt been for you i woulndnt have gone to recon and found the strangler for the end of Jan where i shall partake in a week end with three glorious alphas and my strangler. this faggot is to be used however whips belts beatings and fuck me any way they feel. then they will watch as my strangler hangs this faggot till he turns purple tongue blue toes spasm and twitch while strangler takes pics, then he lets faggot down to recuporate till faggot can stand then strangler hangs faggot again smiling, laughing while faggots in pain and torment more pics to show faggot what strangler can conjur up for faggot. faggot wants to thank you SIR as none of this would have been possible. faggot is thanking white men for letting it entertain them. hopefully my strangler will provide pics of this event and this faggot plans on being here to view such also. again thank you SIR

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