Boot camp: Module 2

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      Okay faggots. I’m back to relate what spoke to me in module 2. The slide “You can’t control straight white men” it’s so true because no matter how sneaky or assertive we aim to be, they are always a step ahead. They’re smarter and better. We may think we’re winning at something but we’re fooling ourselves.

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      Thanks fagg. I can see your point here. As a kid when I got bullied I always tried to outsmart the str8 boys by changing time/ways I would walk. Somehow they always knew. I also was pretty smart and they made me do their homework and help them cheat on tests. As a result, several guys I know from high school are lawyers and stuff and very successful while I’m a hairdresser. I always like to think I helped them get where they are but based off what you explain I guess they would of gotten there anyway?

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      Yes exactly. Straight Men will always be better. Whether we help them or not they will be successful. I know it doesn’t seem fair at times but what could be MORE fair than these Gods getting everything they deserve?

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      Thanks fagg. I appreciate all your help and feedback. Everyone on here is so nice! I see your point about how can it be more fair for these men to get everything they deserve!

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