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      last night a Superior Straight Man used me in the bathroom at work, after everyone had left for the night. i thought all He wanted was to Piss down my throat (which He has done before) but then He started having me suck His Cock. As i sucked Him, He took off His belt and wrapped it around my neck and began choking me. He made the belt tighter and tighter around my neck as He got closer and closer to cumming, and finally as He shot His Cum down my throat, i could not breathe at all. i figured He would release me, but instead He tightened the belt even more, and i started to pass out. the last thing i remember was His evil grin as He choked the life out of me.

      Later i woke to find myself lying on the tile floor, my face and hair wet with His Piss. i do not know how long i had been there, but it had been an hour or more. my neck was bruised and covered with welts and i could not speak – my voice is still very scratchy today.  of course, before i left, i licked up all the Piss on the floor, to serve both Him and the other Straight Men who use that restroom.

      When i got to work today, He looked almost relieved to see me, and said “I thought I killed you last night!” i told Him i was fine, but what i did not tell Him was that, when i woke up on the floor, my first thought was a feeling of disappointment – i had hoped that He would have killed me. He should have, had He wanted to.

      Am i sick to feel this way? i believe that anything a Superior Straight Man wants, He should get, and if He wants to damage me in any way, He should get to. i feel His pleasure, however fleeting, is more important than anything that happens to me, even if it permanently damages me. the pain in my neck and throat today is worth it, because it made Him happy.

      What do other faggots think? And to the Men on here, do You feel the same way?

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      I would say the Superior Straight White Man was stealing property.
      You are enslaved by a Master who owns u like a hog in a pig pen. He has no right to another Man’s property. I believe your Owner’s goods were not damaged in a way that should incite conflict among Men. But otherwise the rest of my input revolves around the premise that u are an owned object and the Superior Straight White Man at work has no right to extinguish your life because it is already owned. Had you not been owned already, my argument would be invalid.

      I understand where you’re coming from in terms of feeling disappointed knowing He wanted to end your life – BUT – you’re also being a selfish faggot making assumptions there. Perhaps He wanted that in the moment but if placed before a judge and jury, He would not want to have done that – so don’t fucking assume You know a Man’s Desires just because it aligns with your sick and absolutely fucked up perversions. So don’t be selfish despite being ready and willing to give up what you have, your struggle makes the pleasure greater for The Men, and plus, now He has a greater understanding just what a sick faggit kneels before Him.

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      YOU are of course right SIR. my only comment is that my MASTER knows that other Men use me, and that is fine with HIM SIR. HE believes that a faggot slave like me should be available to the Superior Men around it SIR.

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      you do a good job brother.

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