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      I’ve noticed the Smoking Boys video added recently to the website was focused on smoking meth instead of nicotine.
      I hope this isn’t going to be a prominent new addition to the site. Just like faggots who do nothing but stroke alone without serving Real Men are just a burden, so too are meth heads. Priorities, fellas. SERVICE above all pleasures, slaves. That money ought to be handed over to Real Men. The time spent/lost should be time devoted to training and developing an (un)healthy rapport with local Men.

      I don’t mean to preach, but crystal meth destroys everything it can. It’s arguably the most addictive drug we’ve “mass produced” and loads of the money spent on it will never be in the Hands of Superior Straight White Men. I just hope this site won’t “get stuck” on this latest addiction addition. I’ll type and take my own advice though: if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

      If a faggot is having troubles due to its meth addiction, I encourage it to seek the help of Straight White Male counsellors and therapists. Several options exist, and perhaps the Real Men reading this would be able to offer examples of where to turn. NiteFlirt can be so full of fakes, and professional help can be tied to Xtian dogma bullshit. The faggot needs help from Someone who knows what it is.
      My dumb faggit knowledge ends where Straight White Men’s Wisdom begins.

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