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      Joseph Mountz

      Another fag (totalfag) and i who have been tearing each other down in accordance with the lessons of the destroy modules are planning to meet up and punish ourselves and each other for our disgusting nature and many sins against Real Men. We thought we’d ask any Men out there for orders and ideas. We will obey any orders, no limits. I’ve been lucky enough to have him or keep me aimed at White Cock, as I’ve been tempted by other races. We’re also going to be going together to an adult video store to suck any and all cock we can.

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      thanks fag. we eagerly await orders Sirs

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      fellow fags please include me in your network of fags eager to
      slide down hard
      and fast. please include me in your band of desperate nasty pervs. No time to waste.

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      Make it happen cunts. Locked or bound clits, each of you contribute $50 to tribute after the session is spent together, and total devotion to the Modules. Finish it up with glory hole service with your clits kept in your pants.

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      I want to be included!

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      What a great idea this is, thank you fag joseph and totalfag! This pathetic sissy queer would love to be included in the group!

      i’d like to post a challenge.

      Let’s all promise each other to bring a dildo to work, and sometime in the next week go into our work bathroom and take a photo with that dildo shoved all the way down our pathetic, gagging, faggot throat-holes.

      Then post the picture here as proof of our devotion to training and destroying ourselves for Straight White Men!


      candii queer

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      eric olmstead

      maybe Sir could arange get together bonfire night with location in US where some alpha has property to host a faggot bashing night. i would honor such an event so i could have sore ass mouth ribs and body in pure thankfulness of the superior white Gods thank you from this faggot . as all faggots deserve

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      eric olmstead

      whichever of us faggots didn’t make it through the night could bury us faggots bodies, better yet have faggots that made it thru night dig graves and bury us lowlife faggots. or simply burn in bonfire faggot corpse, that way no evidence left and alphas can enjoy faggots burning up. we faggots deserve so much worse. what an honor to die for them

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      eric olmstead

      sir should have a roman coloseum where he can spot faggots in middle strapped hands up high backs against salt pillars naked and use bull whip to lash at his faggots taking chunks of flesh and blood and sweat to activate salt pillars for aginizing pain to faggots. 10-20 faggots,alphas in stands celbrating faggots screams for their pleasure, then when whipping stops, continue with beatings from crowds laughter watching faggots agonizing some choking from ropes burning shredding neck, some wth slow throat slit, all with castrations bags cut off at bottom and ripp balls out. then clear arena and let lions and tigers out for their feeding, faggots still strapped high only half as many lions and tigers so faggots can witness death before their own. this will please Sir and Alphas into ecstasy faggots deserve this

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      eric olmstead

      i think when Alpha males should do with a faggot after they’ve fucked everything out of it is do what the farmers do to the hens when they dont produce eggs anymore is take your faggot behind the wood shed where they have a large piece of wood on ground, make sure your faggots hands tied behind them, then place faggots head on top of block. You with a double edged axe, make sure its good and dull andraise above your head, make sure faggot is watching as you swing down on its neck with the axe. Faggot gets a last thought before end and his head is gushing blood and finally stops making thrashing movements. Leave it out dogs cats animals in the woods have to eat too, better than that faggot did. This is what we faggots deserve and makes you happy. sincerely lowlife faggot. By the way this faggot thanks you before getting the axe.

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      eric olmstead

      Sirs and Alphas if truth be known, I think a slow agonizing death is best for us faggotsI’ve talked about the axe, the gladiater coloseum, the beatings we faggots deserve, and thebonfires and disposal of faggot corpse. now i think slow agonizing noose for alpha entertainment. slow lynching as our toes leave dirt, let us dangle and thrash, of course our hands must be bound, we can’t have any hope of escape and then set us back to ground catching our breaths, then back up start again till you tire of us and leave us hanging till we shit and piss over ourselves and leave us hang for view of future faggots to witness. again this lowlife faggot thanks Sir and Alphas for your pleasures. again it would be as you choose, i think a little of all for faggots torment

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      ooooerrr this is a bit brutal down you think the master superior ones could get more use out of a fgggot alive rather than dead. This faggot the ks there is much more that could be done with a fag slave dog.

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