First outing by an Alpha

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      FaggotHoles in VA

      Had my fist faggot experience in years. Was at work and got a call from a customer. We got into an argument over the phone and he called me faggot twice. Hung up. Called back later to apologize, I guess because I told him to go fuck himself? I guess I was shocked because I hadn’t been call faggot in years. Turns out in the mean time he had called another random location of ours (and it got back to me) and called me a faggot. Later that day he sent his wife in to pay for his stuff. I still had to unlock a container area for them to get the stuff and there he was. He was scrawny little trailer park prison trash maga alpha with tats and a tear drop. I of course have all of his info. I waited a few weeks then text him to see if he wanted some extra supplies. He’s been polite so far. He and some other alpha trash came and pick that up.

      I;m not sure how to broch the subject. I guess next time I see him I’ll just ask if he remembers how he cussed me over the phone and how did he know. See if he wants to facefuck and humiliate a real faggot. Ask if I could give him $10 to drink his piss or $20 to lick his dirty ass. Should i?

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      YES! He knows what you are. I want his info and I’ll beg to serve him. Approach him like a faggot should approve a real man, with their wallet open. I’ll ask if he has cash app and wants me to pay proper fagtax. True alpha behavior like that MUST be rewarded. Lucky you for finding a REAL man.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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