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      Hi fellow fag friends. I wanted to share a success story. I used Craigslist recently and met a married man who needed to get off.

      He refuse to send any pics but that’s okay I knew his right to stay protected. He said I can’t come to his house and that he wouldn’t come over to a fag’s apartment which makes sense. I was really sad I thought I’d miss out.

      Well, he suggested a hotel. He is so smart. He said if I had half a brain I would have thought of it myself. He even let me pay for the room! I also was instructed to buy his beer and weed. He told me who to buy from and I was happy to do it.

      When we met I massaged his feet and legs for awhile while he drank some and smoked. He was so beautiful very thick body, hairy chest and nice thick dick. He was so relaxed and happy! Then he fucked my throat really well and smacked me around when I gagged too much or hit his dick with my teeth. I couldn’t help it but I know it’s no excuse.

      After cumming he pissed on me in the shower and went back to finish his beers while I got to clean up for him. Then he smacked me around a little more for only buying a 6 pack. I’m so dumb I should know better.

      He asked me why I picked his ad and I explained to him about Straight Men and faggots that I learned from this site. He got a good laugh and said he’d check it out and if I have any other faggot friends he could use us together.

      Without faggotdestruction I would never have met this man. It was so great I needed to share with my dumb fag sisters.

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      Oh my God Eddie that is so great! I’m glad you went through with it. I know you’ve been struggling lately. Let me know if you want to talk more 🙂

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      It is wonderful to not only read about your service but to also see you learning from His feedback (more beer, preempt to get a hotel room, maybe next time bring some massage oils for His feet and back).

      Faggots, get to it.

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        I know I can always learn something from Straight Men. I’m so lucky.

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      Aren’t straight mens cocks fabulous… Thick hard huge and proud not like our faggot cocks. They truly are like a greater species of being aren’t they.

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      Ye Sir it knows that it is a sub hmm species of being. A faggot that lives to serve straight white men.

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      Hi again. I am so happy to report this man has been using me fairly regularly since this meeting. I’ve learned so much from him and I’m so thankful for him. He’s helped make me a better and better faggot.

      He and his family moved about an hour away so I’ll be seeing him less and have the chance to spend more time here in training and getting ready for my next chance to be useful to a Straight God.

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      Well done, Eddie…inspired, this faggot has just put out an ad on Doublelist looking for similar Real Man to serve. Thanks for sharing and inspiring this dumb faggot!

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      Read my posts especially duties of a faggot

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